15th Russian Insurance Summit will take place on 12 July in Saint Petersburg

The 15th Russian Insurance Summit will take place on 12 July 2017, in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. Traditionally, XPRIMM Publications supports the event as Media Partner.

The event is organized by the All-Russian Insurance Association with active support and involvement of the Central Bank of Russia and represented a key event for the insurance industry.

This international conference has been held annually since 2002 bringing together hundreds of participants from Russia, CIS and other countries.

For many years these meetings and discussions help to approximate positions of insurers, to align their interests with those of the state and the public, to study and absorb useful foreign experience and to strengthen international ties.

Annual international conferences promote importance of the insurance industry for Russia's economy and integration of this sector into the global insurance market.

Main purpose of the Summit is to provide a forum for in-depth discussion of key issues of insurance and for a public dialogue with the authorities, to receive positive signals from the authorities for defining development vectors in this market.

Main topic of the Conference is Self-regulation - a new stage in development of Russia's insurance market.

Participants of the Conference will have an opportunity to discuss pressing issues and listen to opinions of their foreign colleagues on those matters, which are most important and critical for Russian insurers, including:
  • Avenues for development of the Russian insurance sector in 2017-2018.
  • Government priorities in insurance - both regulation and development.
  • Implementation and development of self-regulation in the Russian insurance market.
  • CMTPL - current stage and market expectations.
  • Life insurance - maintaining positive trends.
  • Reforming compulsory medical insurance - goals and directions.
  • Agricultural insurance - defending a most important segment of the economy.
  • Insurance ombudsman - a strategy of interaction with consumers, the regulator and insurers.
Attendants will also assess the outlook for implementation of innovative legislation in the Russian insurance market and examine experience of market evolution in other countries. Discussions are expected to embrace a variety of issues relating to internal processes in this industry: development of voluntary and obligatory types of insurance, first results of transition to the universal chart of accounts, experience of introduction of e-insurance.

The Summit will be attended by high-ranking officials from government bodies, relevant ministries and departments. Organizers have issued invitations to senior executives of domestic and foreign insurance unions and associations, major international insurers and reinsurers, international experts and researchers in the area of insurance, economy and finance.

Media coverage is traditionally provided by leading news agencies and business publications in Russia and its neighbors.

Please find more information about the Summit on its Web-site: insuranceconference.ru.

We will be glad to see you among the participants of the Summit!

The Organising Committee
15th International Conference on Insurance
(Russian Insurance Summit 2017)

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