38% of Czechs would turn to the Czech Association of Insurance Companies if they had a problem with their insurance provider

25 August 2022 — Daniela GHETU
According to a current survey, Czechs would most often turn to the Czech Association of Insurance Companies (CAP) in the event of disagreements with an insurance company. Either directly or through the Office of the CAP Ombudsman, whose main task is consumer protection.

Last year, the Office of the CAP Ombudsman resolved 207 disputes in the area of non-life insurance, a third of which were resolved amicably.

Almost two-thirds of the population have ever heard of the Czech Association of Insurance Companies, while one-fifth know that there is a CAP ombudsman. "If you know the Czech Association of Insurance Companies, it is likely that you will also know its Office of the Ombudsman. It is most often known to men and university students - they generally have a better overview of what is happening in the financial sector," explains Jana Hamanova from the SC&C agency, which carried out a survey on this topic for the Czech Association of Insurance Companies.

Disagreements will be resolved by the association, not the courts

If Czechs had a problem with an insurance company, it is the association that 38% of respondents would turn to. The ombudsman's office would be the choice for 23%. "The office of the CAP ombudsman was established in 2018 to protect consumers. Its task is to ensure an impartial and, above all, quick and fair out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes related to non-life insurance," explains the ombudsman of the Czech Insurance Association, Alena Mackov?. 14% of respondents would go to court in case of disagreement with the insurance company. At the same time, the judicial way is closer to men, or to younger and more educated people. 5% of people would approach the financial arbiter and a similar percentage would solve their problems with the CNB.

A third of disputes end in reconciliation

In 2021, the Office of the CAP Ombudsman resolved 207 disputes between clients and insurance companies, in 86% of cases it was related to problems with the liquidation of insurance claims (non-payment of insurance benefits). Most often, in 14% of cases, they related to vehicle liability insurance. Reconciliation was then achieved in almost a third of disputes. "The average time to resolve a dispute was 41 days. Compared to proceedings before a court, it takes several times less time. However, this is only one of the many advantages of the out-of-court settlement of disputes through the intervention of the CAP Ombudsman. We can state with pleasure that the insurance companies always respect the agreed solutions," concludes Alena Mackova.

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