5 years in 5 minutes!

5 September 2013 —
How much time do you need to find, gather and review an insurer's history over the last five years? If the insurer you are interested in is doing business in Romania, than the right answer should be ... no more than five minutes! The answer the same if you're interested in the entire market's evolution, regardless of the specific indicators you need to know. How so? It is enough to pay a short visit to the newest and most flexible insurance database available in the Central and Eastern Europe: InsuranceProfile Interactive

InsuranceProfile Interactive represents a customized tool application that enables users to create customized reports about the financial results of the Romanian insurance companies and insurance mediation companies. They are ranked by the main indicators of the market and structured on insurance classes for each quarter/year beginning from 2008 to present days for all Romanian companies that provided data.

The reports can be customized by the users depending on the chosen criteria:
  • Insurance lines
  • Indicator (GWP, paid claims, technical reserves, no. of policies, financial result etc.)
  • Number of companies included in the report
  • Comparison period (comparisons available for yearly and quarterly periods since 2008)
  • Ranked by a particular indicator (Gross Written Premiums/ Mediated Premiums/ paid claims/ premiums ceded in reinsurance, market share etc.)
Each report contains explanatory charts based on the key indicators the user chooses and may be saved into the user account for a later view or can be downloaded in .pdf or .xls (Microsoft Excel).

Access to customized reports requires a subscription package on PAYG criteria (Pay As You Go).

Need to see for yourselves and evaluate? It is the right time to do it! The Romanian insurance market's full results for 1H2013 are already available! Just click here!

Daniela GHETU

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