8th All-Russian Forum "Car loans in Russia" will be held on June 26-27

12 June 2014 — Olesea ADONEV
global_forumHow to maintain clients' interest and make profit in an unstable market? To this question, participants of VIII All-Russian Forum "Car loans in Russia - 2014: banks, dealers, automakers, insurers" will try to find the optimal response and to identify measures that have to be taken in this field.

The Forum will take place on June 26-27, 2014, Moscow, "Holiday Inn Moscow Sokolniki Hotel", organized by GLOBAL FORUM LLC.

Car loans today is the most popular service provided by both banks and car dealers. The conference program is the result of consultations and surveys undertaken among 50 of the loan market top professionals. The main focus of the Forum will be devoted to practical issues and discussions. Special attention will be given to the communication between all market participants.

Key topics:
  • What will happen to the market of car loans in the second half of 2014?
  • How will legislation exert influence on the work of the loan market's participants?
  • How to make the interaction between all market participants more effective and beneficial?
  • What new car loans product lines will appear?
  • What vectors of developments will be chosen by dealers and automakers in 2014?
  • What can be expected to the credit consumer policy?
For more details regarding the event, please visit: www.globalforumfactory.ru

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