ACHMEA appoints Emma THOMAS as CEO ACHMEA Australia

ACHMEA has appointed Emma THOMAS as Chief Executive Officer of ACHMEA Australia, effective April 15, 2017 and pending regulatory approval. ACHMEA Australia is a dedicated agricultural insurance company.

Emma THOMAS succeeds Timo van VOORDEN who will step down after having held the role of Chief Executive Officer of ACHMEA Australia for five years.

Emma THOMAS is currently active at FARMERS Mutual Group in New Zealand, where she started in 2007 and has spent the majority of her tenure as National Sales Manager. Before that, she held various financial and management positions at FRONDE Systems Group and DELOITTE.

"We are delighted to appoint Emma THOMAS as CEO of our growing Australian insurance operation. Emma THOMAS has extensive knowledge of the agricultural insurance market and has a strong financial and sales management background. I am very grateful for the great work Timo van Voorden has done in building the company from the ground up and I have the fullest confidence that with the leadership of Emma THOMAS Achmea Australia will continue to be the best insurer for farmers in Australia", said Uco VEGTER, Managing Director of ACHMEA International.

"I'm excited to join the ACHMEA Australia team and bring my rural insurance experience to the position of CEO. Having seen first-hand the devastating impacts, both commercially and personally of natural disasters and storm events on the farming community, the mutual ethos has a very important role in the Australian insurance industry. I look forward to building from the proud history ACHMEA has in supporting rural businesses and putting clients first", said Emma THOMAS.

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