ACHMEA appoints Michel LAMIE as Chief Financial Officer

6 October 2016 — Vlad BOLDIJAR
michel_lamieACHMEA has appointed Michel LAMIE to ACHMEA's Executive Board with effect from 1 January 2017. He will succeed Huub ARENDSE as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in April 2017 following the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. When he was appointed in 2013, ARENDSE said that he would be available for a period of four years. Approval of the appointment of Michel LAMIE has been obtained from the Dutch Central Bank (DNB).

Since 2005, Michel LAMIE has been a member of the Board of DE GOUDSE VERZEKERINGEN, where he was appointed Chairman of the Executive Board in 2009. Also since 2009, he has been Chairman of the Supervisory Board of insurance brokerage VAN LANSCHOT CHABOT. Between 2002 and 2005, Lamie worked at ACHMEA, most recently as Group Director Finance & Control. Prior to this, he held various management positions at KPMG and RSA Benelux.

Willem van DUIN, Chairman of ACHMEA's Executive Board: "We have got to know Huub ARENDSE as a very driven and professional Chief Financial Officer. He is a great asset to ACHMEA and we are very thankful to him. With the appointment of Michel LAMIE, we welcome a skilled executive with a great deal of experience in the financial sector."

Aad VEENMAN, Chairman of ACHMEA's Supervisory Board: "We are very grateful to Huub Arendse for the contribution he has made to our group. Although we will be saddened to see him go on 1 April 2017, we are pleased to have been able to appoint a suitable successor in Michel Lamie in good time.

Following the changes above, ACHMEA's Executive Board consists of Willem van DUIN (Chairman), Roelof KONTERMAN (Vice-Chairman), Michel LAMIE (CFO), Robert OTTO, Bianca TETTEROO and Henk TIMMER (CRO).

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