ADRIS profits expanded by 13.4% last year

3 March 2020 — Andrei Victor
CROATIA's osiguranje shareholder - the Rovinj based consortium ADRIS Grupa - with businesses in tourism, real estate, tobacco and food industry announced 2019 total revenues of HRK 6.1 billion (~EUR 813 million), which represents a 5% growth, while net profit stood at HRK 506 million (~EUR 67.5 million), which represents a 13.4% growth. Net profit after minority interest stood at HRK 402 million and was 31% higher than previous year's.

ADRIS pointed out that its insurance arm CROATIA osiguranje adopted a new strategy for the next five- year period. "A transformation programme was launched which includes a series of business initiatives aimed at increasing the company's competitiveness and profitability. Alongside focusing on digitalisation, CROATIA osiguranje will also continue working on further developing the overall insurance market in Croatia, while retaining the leading position on the insurance market with regard to all parameters related to reputation, image and brand strength."

In January 2020, ADRIS announced in the next three years, it will invest almost HRK 4 billion (EUR 533 million) as follows: almost HRK 3 billion(EUR 400 million) in its tourism business, more than HRK 220 million (EUR 30 million) in its health food business, and HRK 290 million (EUR 40 million) in insurance.

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