AI could help to improve employee working conditions and increase customer satisfaction

18 March 2021 —
The European insurance social partners - of which Insurance Europe is a member - have made a joint declaration on artificial intelligence (AI) which offers opportunities for both insurers and their employees.

The social partners would like to highlight the advantages of the use of responsible AI for companies and employees. For instance, AI could, under certain circumstances, help to improve employee working conditions, increase customer satisfaction and enhance the efficiency of internal company processes.

The use of AI can also provide the opportunity for better, higher quality jobs, and assist companies and employees in carrying out their daily work and tasks. In turn, this could allow employees to dedicate more time to other tasks and make better use of their skills. It is therefore essential to proactively explore the potential and design options of using responsible AI to increase the productivity of companies and the well-being of the workforce.

The social partners are, however, concerned about the fact that Europe is not currently a frontrunner in the development of AI. The EC's own high-level expert group on the topic has in fact acknowledged that Europe is far behind in the development of new AI technologies, and said that better framework conditions to boost the uptake of AI solutions are urgently required for this to change.

Furthermore, the social partners highlight that responsible AI development is expected to be an important aspect for the long-term competitiveness and economic viability of the insurance sector and the employability and working conditions of its employees.