AIDA Europe Conference: "Getting Fit for an Unsettled Future"

18 August 2022 — Adina TUDOR
At the beginning of October, over 200 leading insurance and legal professionals, academics and regulators from over 30 countries will be participating in Zurich for the 9th AIDA Europe Conference.

The conference - taking place at the Zurich Marriott Hotel, Neumuehlequai 42, 8006 Zurich, Switzerland, between 6 - 7 October 2022 - is organized by AIDA Europe and takes place after three years since last major in-person event. XPRIMM Publications support the conference as Media Partner.

Over two days, the participants will consider the most pressing legal, regulatory and business challenges of risk and disruption in the face of technological, structural, climate and political change and uncertainty in a post-pandemic age. Some of the topics will include:

- How emerging Insurance EcoSystems will help meet these challenges;

- Which elements of sustainability considerations (ESG) in the insurance industry will remain most critically valuable;

- How governance and regulations need to evolve as structural changes in insurance companies and across markets continue.

The lessons to be learned from the pandemic and continuing economic/political fallout of geopolitics, of international sanctions, of disruption to many areas of domestic and global trading are also other important topics analyzed during the conference.

"We are delighted to be welcoming people back to Zurich for another AIDA Europe Conference after a such difficult few years and with so many current and future challenges concentrating minds and energies", Rolf STAUB, Chair of AIDA Swiss Chapter, commented.

Apart from the interventions of the keynote speakers, seven plenary sessions in all will include consideration of whether insurance contracts are fit for purpose and an opportunity to hear contributions from the latest young author prize winners of awards delivered by AIDA Europe's Scientific Committee in response to Calls for Papers. Breakout sessions of most of AIDA's Working Parties will provide further opportunity for discussion and debate across a range of topics.

"After staging a series of AIDA Europe webinars during the course of last year, we are delighted once again to be able to bring together so many familiar faces with both new speakers and delegates, all to experience and benefit from the special face-to-face quality of our Conferences, which have proved so enjoyable and stimulating to so many in the past", stated Alkistis CHRITOFILOU, AIDA Europe's Co-Chair.

Arranged in conjunction with the AIDA Swiss Chapter and supported by sponsors from across Europe (and media partner, XPRIMM Publications), the event has already attracted a very high level of interest.

Programme details and how to register can both be found via this link:

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