AIIF - 2013 Azerbaijan International Insurance Forum

25 March 2013 —
June 20th-21st, 2013
Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan

AIIF stands as the most important event in the Caucasus Region, dedicated to the insurance and reinsurance markets, focused on the main development trends and perspectives within the Region.

The Forum represents an efficient platform for interactive discussions between representatives and aims to strengthen the collaborations among national markets in the insurance field. More than 200 participants from 21 countries attended the last year's edition, taking an active role in the event's discussions and bilateral meetings.

Therefore, AIIF offers a great opportunity to exchange experience and set up business meetings in order to develop partnership relations and to find more about the potential of insurance within the Caucasus countries.

Moreover, top managers of national insurance, reinsurance and brokerage companies from Caucasian Region, Middle Asia, Europe, Turkey, Russia and CIS attended the event, thus making it an excellent networking opportunity within these selected areas.

Wednesday, June 19th

19:30 - 21:00 Welcome Cocktail offered by ata_sigorta
Yuukai Restaurant (17th Floor), Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel

Thursday, June 20th

09:00 - 09:30 Registration
Bilgah Ballroom, Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel

09:30 - 09:45 Official Opening

09:45 - 11:00 Part 1: Trends and new business lines on the insurance markets of the Caucasus Region
- The most suitable policies and strategies for the insurance market
- What are the sources of market growth?
- Which insurance lines have the greatest potential in this economic climate?
- Investment opportunities in the Caucasus region's insurance field
- IT solutions meeting the market's challenges


  • Mr. Namik KHALILOV, Head of State Insurance Supervision Service, Azerbaijan
  • Mr. Orkhan BAYRAMOV, Chairman, Azerbaijan Insurance Association
  • Mrs. Florina VIZINTEANU, President, BCR Asigurari de Viata VIG, Romania
  • Mr. Parviz GULIYEV, Risk Management Manager, PASHA Life Insurance, Azerbaijan
  • Mrs. Menekse UCAROGLU, President of the Board, IUC, Turkey
  • Mr. Dmytro KUZMENKO, Sales Director, ASSECO, Poland
  • Mr. Valentins KISELS, Member of the Board, NEXUM Insirance Technologies, Latvia

11:00 - 11:30 Coffee Break offered by meqa

11:30 - 13:30 Part 2: Agricultural insurance - between regulations and market realities
- General overview of international agricultural insurance markets — CIS, Europe & Asia
- Mandatory agricultural insurance - collaboration between insurers and government authorities
- State regulation of agricultural insurance — licensing, certification, program administration. Role of government subsidies in developing agricultural insurance programs
- Agricultural underwriting standards and pricing. Systematic use of data and the actuarial principles
- The use of IT technologies in support of the agricultural risk underwriters


  • Mr. Korney Datkovich BIJDOV, President, National Agroinsurers Union, Russia
  • Mr. Ian SHYNKARENKO, CEO, AGROINSURANCE International, Ukraine
  • Mrs. Iryna GOLOVKO, Deputy Project Manager, IFC Central and Eastern Europe - Ukraine Agri-Insurance Development Project

13:30 - 14:30 Business Lunch offered by standard-insurance
Uzuk Restaurant, Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel

14:30 - 16:00 Part 3: Reinsurance solutions for the Caucasus countries
- The reinsurers' perspective on Nat Cat protection
- Managing catastrophic risks in the public-private partnership
- How do we prepare for future events based on past experiences?
- Reinsurance solutions for the market demand - which are the most convenientones within the Region?


  • Mr. Christian KREUTZER, Director, Market Head Russia & CIS, SWISS Re Europe
  • Mr. Fuad KULIYEV, Chairman, AzRe, Azerbaijan
  • Mr. Dmitriy GARMASH, Deputy CEO, UNITY Re, Russia
  • Mr. Muzaffer AKTAS, Director, WILLIS Re UK
  • Mr. Riccardo CICCOZZI, Head of Business Development, EUROPA Re, UK

16:00 - 16:30 Coffee Break offered by xalq

20.00 - 22:00 Official Reception offered by az_re
Mardakan Ballroom, Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel

22:00 - 24:00 Afterhours Cocktail offered by glinso
Promenade Restaurant and Bar, Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel

Friday, June 21st

09:30 - 10:00 Registration
Mardakan Ballroom, Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel

10:00 - 11:30 Part 1: Medical insurance - New solutions for old problems
- Medical insurance system in Caucasus countries: current development and market trends
- International models on medical insurance development - the most appropriate solutions
- Enabling regulation and reforms in the medical system
- Alternative sources for financing public medical services: perspectives of the private health insurance
- Implementing mandatory medical insurance: perspectives and threats


  • Mr. Dmitriy KUZNETSOV, President, Interregional Union of Medical Insurers, Russia
  • Mr. Finn GOLDNER, Senior Adviser, MUNICH Health Daman Holding, Middle East & Africa
  • Mrs. Florina VIZINTEANU, President, BCR Asigurari de Viata VIG, Romania
  • Mr. Roumen GALABINOV, Deputy Chairman of Management Board, BAIB Bulgaria
  • Mrs. Teona TETELOSHVILI, Head of Personal Lines' Underwriting Unit ALDAGI BCI, Georgia

11.30 - 12:00 Coffee Break offered by atesgah-insurance

12.00 - 13.30 Part 2: Motor Insurance
- Results on the MTPL segment: are they meeting the expectations?
- Perspectives of the unique data base and the bonus-malus system
- Handling claims and evaluation systems
- Checking claims values and the quality of the repair
- Expansion of sales channels using IT technology


  • Mr. Elkhan GULIYEV, Chairman, Compulsory Insurance Bureau, Azerbaijan
  • Mr. Ionel DIMA, Vice-President, AVUS Group, Austria
  • Mr. Arnaud AGOSTINI, Managing Director, SIDEXA, France
  • Mr. Rafael AZIZOV, Deputy CEO, BUTA Insurance OJSC, Azerbaijan

13:30 - 14:30 Business Lunch offered by ata_sigorta
Uzuk Restaurant, Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel

15.30 - 19.00 Sightseeing tour in Baku offered by pasa

19.00 - 21.00 Traditional Azeri Evening offered by pasa
Art Garden Restaurant, Baku

  • Korney BIJDOV, President, National Agroinsurers Union, Russia
  • Ian SHYNKARENKO, CEO, AGROINSURANCE International, Ukraine
  • Iryna GOLOVKO, Deputy Project Manager, IFC Central and Eastern Europe - Ukraine Agro-Insurance Development Project
  • Dmitry KUZNETSOV, President, Interregional Union of Medical Insurers, Russia
  • Finn GOLDNER, Senior Adviser, MUNICH Health Daman Holding, Middle East & Africa
  • Roumen GALABINOV, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, BAIB, Bulgaria
  • Teona TETELOSHVILI, Head of Personal Lines' Underwriting Unit, ALDAGI BCI, Georgia

Ministry of Finance, AzerbaijanSamir SHARIFOVMinister
Azer BAYRAMOVDeputy Minister
Namik KHALILOVHead of State Insurance Supervision Service
Mahir ABDULLAYEVDeputy Head of State Insurance Supervision Service
Suleyman IBRAGHIMOVStat Insurance Supervision Service, Head of Department
Ministry of Agriculture, AzerbaijanRasim ALIEVDeputy Head of Economic and Finance Department
AIA - Azerbaijan Insurers AssociationOrkhan BAYRAMOVChairman
Gulnara HUSEYNOVAOffice Manager
Vafa RUSTAMOVAMarketing Department
Qurban BAGIROVLawyer
APPA - The Romanian Insurance Promotion AssociationAlexandru CIUNCANSecretary General
BAIB - Bulgarian Association of Insurance BrokersRoumen GALABINOVDeputy Chairman of the Management Board
BBVB - Baku Interbank Currency Exchange, AzerbaijanAydin BABAYEVHead of the Analytical Department of the Bank Sector
Belarusian Association of InsurersEkaterina POLTARZHITSKAYALeading Specialist
CIB - Compulsory Insurance Bureau, AzerbaijanElkhan GULIYEVChairman
Aynur BAYRAMLIInternal Auditor
Ashraf HAJIYEVIT Director
Nizami KERIMOVIT, Training and Support Department
Yalchin MUSLUMOVHead of International Relations Department
IFC - International Finance Corporation, AzerbaijanAliya AZIMOVAHead of Office
European Bank for Recunstruction and DevelopmentNeil McKAINHead of Officer
IFC Central and Eastern Europe, UkraineIryna GOLOVKO Deputy Project Manager, Data Management and Rating Development
IUMI - Interregional Union of Medical Insurers, RussiaDmitry KUZNETSOVPresident
National Agroinsurers Union, RussiaKorney BIJDOVPresident
NCFM - National Commission for Financial Market, Republic of MoldovaArtur GHERMANVice-Chairman of the Administrative Council
Vladimir STRIBUDirector, Insurance Supervisory Department
SECO, AzerbaijanNaile SAFAROVAHead of Office
UNDP Resident RepresentativeAntonius BROEKUN Resident Coordinator
Mezagir EFENDIYEVUNDP Cluster Manager
USAID, AzerbaijanDonna STAUFFERMission Director
Aytan GAHRAMANOVAProject Management Specialist
WORLD BankUzma KHALILSenior Financial sector specialist Euope and Central Asia Region
Insurance, Reinsurance, Brokerage and other Companies
ACE Insurance, RussiaNikolay DMITRIEVCountry Manager
Anzor BAYRAMKULOVHead of Property Insurance Department
AccessBank, AzerbaijanIrada SHABANOVAHead of Customor Service Department
AIB Insurance and Reinsurance Broker, AzerbaijanAbulfaz SHIKHIDirector
AIG, RussiaAndrey PANOVVice-President
ALDAGI Insurance, GeorgiaShota SVANADZEHead of Facultative Risks Division
Teona TETELOSHVILIHead of Personal Lines' Underwriting Unit
ALLIANZ, RussiaDmitry VORONINDeputy Director Engineering Insurance Department, Power Generation
AMRAH Sigorta, AzerbaijanRashid SALIFOVVice Chairman
A-Qroup Insurance, AzerbaijanAnar BAYRAMOVChairman of the Board
Ali BAYRAMOVDeputy Chairman of the Board
Natavan MAMEDOVADeputy Chairman of the Board
ARCH Reinsurance Europe Underwriting, SwitzerlandRolando HERNANDEZSenior Underwriter Agriculture
ARIG, BahrainAbdulla SULTANUnderwriter - Treaty
ASSECO, PolandDmytro KuzmenkoSales Director
ASIA Insurance, UzbekistanRustam MAMEDOVGeneral Manager
AtaSigorta, AzerbaijanMuseyib ALIYEVChairman of the Board
Orkhan MAMMADOVDeputy Chairman of the Board
Nigar IBRAHIMOVADeputy Director of Underwriting and Reinsurance Division
Rashad RASULLUMember of the Board of Directors
ATESHGAH, AzerbaijanUgur IBRAHIMLIHead of Underwriting and Reinsurance Department
ATESHGAH Life, AzerbaijanAkbar MADATLIChairman of the Board
Sadig MANSUROVDeputy Chairman of the Board
AVUS Group, AustriaIonel DIMAVice President
AUDATEX, UAESteve WATSONManaging Director
AXA MBASK Insurance, AzerbaijanAliaga NAGIYEVManager - Sales Department
Jeyhun GURBANLIDirector of Claims Operations Group
Elnara ABBASOVAUnderwritting & Reinsurance Department - Assistant Manager
AZERBAIJAN Sanaye SigortaRashad AKHMEDOVChairman of the Board
Intigam SEYFULLADeputy Chairman of the Board
AZERSIGORTA, AzerbaijanVuqar BABAKISHIYEVDirector of Reinsurance Department
Azerbaijan Bank Training CentreElkhan MAMEDOVCustomer Relations Manager
AZER Turk Bank, AzerbaijanSuleyman BEKIROVDeputy Chairman of the Board
AzInsurance, AzerbaijanAnar TALIBOVChairman of the Board
Maqsud MUSLUMZADEHHead of Insurance and Reinsurance Department
Kamal NAMAZOVSpecialist of Underwriting Department
AzRe, Azerbaijan
Fuad KULIYEVChairman of the Management Board
Vusal ABBASOVDeputy Chairman of the Management Board
Ivan SAMSONOVDirector of Underwriting & Reinsurance Department
Tkhira ALLKHVERDIYEVASpecialist of Underwriting & Reinsurance Department
Bailey, Ross & White, UKMikhail ZAMYATINReinsurance Department
BASHAK Inam, AzerbaijanHikmet ALLAHVERDIDirector of Business Development Department
BAR Professions, UKIan WRIGHTDirector of the International Division
Marianna CARVERSenior Business Development Executive
BCR Asigurari de Viata VIG, RomaniaFlorina VIZINTEANUPresident
BUSIN Insurance Company, UkraineOleksii KARASOVReinsurance Manager
BUTA Sigorta, AzerbaijanGanbar SUVANVERDIYEVMamber of the Board of Directors
Abbas BABAYEVChairman of the Board
Elshan BADIRKHANOVDeputy Chairman of the Board
Rafael AZIZOVDeputy Chairman of the Board
Kamran BABAYEVDirector of Underwriting & Reinsurance Department
CASPIAN International Broking, AzerbaijanTeymur GULIYEVDirector
CHARTIS AzerbaijanViladi MANIYEVChairman of the Management Board
CINCo Group Insurance Brokers & Consultants, RussiaAlexander GUSAROVGeneral Director
DINKAL Insurance Agency, TurkeyErcan ERBEKGeneral Manager
Emin CHITLAKSales Supervisor
ENERGOGARANT Insurance, RussiaMarsel TARESHChief of Inwards Reinsurance Division - Reinsurance Department
EURASIA, KazakhstanRolan SAKENOVDeputy Chairman of the Board
Nurzhan JANTUREYEVDirector of Reinsurance Department
EUROPA Re, SwitzerlandRiccardo CICCOZZIHead of Business Development
EURUS Re Brokers, Czech RepublicAleksndrs IVANOVSHead of Reinsurance Department
EVEREST Re, BelgiumTatiana GARDESTYRegional Manager Europe and Branch Manager
Thierry PELGRINArea Manager and Casualty
EVRO Polis, RussiaOksana SOLOMKOVice Chairman
Irina EREMINAHead of Reinsurance Department
Financial and Economic Researchs Consulting, AzerbaijanGunel ALIZADEHDeputy Director
GEFEST, RussiaElene ORLOVADeputy Head of Reinsurance Department
GLINSO Insurance Brokers, RussiaTatiana BARDIKGeneral Manager
Anastasiya FARBERHead of Russia Business Departmant
Evgeniya SMIRNOVADeputy Head of CIS Business Department
GENERAL Re, RussiaElvira SHAIHUTDINOVAMedical Underwriter
Vladimir IGNASHINAccount Executive
HANNOVER Re, GermanyYevgen KUZNYETSOVUnderwriter
INGOSSTRAKH, AzerbaijanKamala RZAYEVADirector
IUC - Istanbul Underwriting Center, TurkeyMenekse UCAROGLUPresident of the Board
Nuran ILERIDeputy General Manager
Cuneyt FILIZDeputy General Manager
KAPITAL Re, RussiaAndrey KOZLOVDirector, Reinsurance Division, CIS Market
KAY International, UKAndrey BREITFUSGeneral Representative Russia & CIS
K.M. Dastur & Company, UKAyvaz HUSEINOVBusiness Development Representativ for the CIS Region
KOREA National Insurance Corporation, DPR KoreaKim Kyong HUNChief Representative
Kim Chang HORepresentative
LANART Insurance Brokers, RussiaAndrey TVERSKOYDeputy Director, Departament of Corporate Business
LANCASTER Insurance Broker, RussiaAnna FEDORENKOGeneral Manager
LEMMA Insurance, UkraineOleg KIRBABAManager of Reinsurance Department
MARSH Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers, AzerbaijanShahin AHMADOVDirector
Media XPRIMM, RomaniaAdriana PANCIUCEO
Oleg DORONCEANU  International Markets Coordinator
MEGA Sigorta, AzerbaijanAfgan MURTUZAYEVChairman of the the Board
Vusal GURBANOVDeputy Chairman of the Board
Sevinj GULMALIYEVAInsurance and Reinsurance Division Director
Fraid HUSEYNOVHead of Sales and Marketing Department
MILLI Re, TurkeyDaghan DUMANLIDeputy Head of Department - Foreign Inward Business
MUNICH Health Daman Holding, Middle East & AfricaFinn GOLDNERSenior Adviser
MUNICH Health Daman Holding, UAEMiriam SILVAProject Manager
NEXUM Insirance Technologies, LatviaAigars KINCSChairman of the Board
Valentins KISELSMember of the Board
PARI Insurance, RussiaMarina IVANOVAHead of Reinsurance Department
PASHA Insurance, AzerbaijanUlviyya JABBAROVAChief Executive Officer
Farid HIDAYATOVUnderwritting Manager
Zahra MAMMADOVAReinsurance Executive
PASHA Life Insurance, AzerbaijanMursal RUSTAMOVChairman of the Board
Niyaz ISMAYILOVDeputy Chairman of the Board
Parviz GULIYEVHead of Risk Managing Department
Samir KAZIMOVCoordinator of Personal Insurance Department
Nargiz SEYIDOVAChief Specialist of Underwriting Department
Nailya ABDULLAYEVAAssistant of Reinsurance Department
Tural SHARIFOVSpecialist of Reinsurance Department
Behruz HACIYEVChief Specialist of Reinsurance Department
Elnur HUSEYNGULUYEVSenior PR Specialist
PASHA Bank, AzerbaijanOrkhan JABBAROVPrivate Banking Manager
Fuad BABAYEVPrivate Banking Manager
POLISH Re, PolandMalgorzata JAWORSKASenior Underwriter, Area Manager
PRIORAT Insurance Broker, RussiaNatalya VEREMYEVAFinance Director
Aleksey STEPENKOVExecutive Director
PROFILE Re, RussiaGeorgy KHILKOHead of Reinsurance Division
PROMINSTRAH, RussiaNataliya EVSTEGNEEVAHead of Property Insurance Department
Darya UCHAIKINADeputy Director of Reinsurance Department
QALA Life, AzerbaijanAsgar ALAKBAROVChairman of the Management Board
Azar ALIZADEHHead of Sales Department
Rauf TAGHIYEVDeputy Head of Underwriting and Reinsurance Department
Tatyana SAVELYEVAHead of Underwriting and Reinsurance Department
Ulkar MAMMADOVAMarketing and PR Division
QARANT Insurance, AzerbaijanFuad ALLAHVERDIYEVChairman of the Board
Murad NAMAZOVHead of Risk Managing Department
RUSSIAN Reinsurance, RussiaAndrey POLYAKOVManaging Director
REUNION Insurance Broker, RussiaAlexander SOUSLOVDeputy CEO, COO
REVAN Sigorta, AzerbaijanFarkhad ASLANOVDeputy Chairman of the Board
RFIB Group, UKPeter William TALBOTDirector, Non Marine International
SAVA Re, SloveniaAlexander BARSUKOVSenior Underwriter
SCOR Reinsurance, RussiaNatalia TARASOVAManaging Director Life Reinsurance Russia&CIS
SIDEXA, FranceArnaud AGOSTINIManaging Director
Lucas PASCALChief Technical Officer
SILK Way Insurance, AzerbaijanNiyazi IMANOVChairman of the Board
Kamala ABISHOVADeputy Chairman of the Board
SKALA Brokers, RussiaSvetlana TSEKALODeputy General Director
Alexandra DYUKOVAHead of Property Insurance Department
SMILE Assistance, UkraineIrina OLEYNIKOVAGeneral Manager
SCR - Societe de Courtage Reinsurance, SuissePhilipp KRILOVGeneral Manager
Andrey FEDOROVDeputy General Manager
Societe de Courtage, Insurance and Reinsurance Broker, AzerbaijanKhazar TAGIYEVInsurance and Reinsurance Specialist
SOGAZ, RussiaIgor KARPOVICHHead of Foreign Reinsurance Development Department
SOGLASIE Insurance, AzerbaijanEmin ASLANOVDirector
SOGLASIE Insurance, RussiaAleksandr CHUYKOVDeputy Director of Reinsurance Department
STANDARD Insurance, AzerbaijanAydin RAHMANOVFirst Vice Chirman of the Board
Mustafa ABBASBEYLIVice Chairman of the Board
Oksana MARINCHENKOHead of Underwriting and Reinsurance Department
SWISS Re, GermanyChristian Wolfgang KREUTZERMarket Head Russia&CIS
TATARSTAN National Insurance Company, RussiaNail KHADEEVChairman of the Board of Directors
Kamil TAGHIYEVDeputy General Manager
TRANSNEFT Insurance, RussiaOlga PUPLYAEVAHead of Property and Liability Reinsurance Department
Natalija ZHUKOVAChief of Reinsurance Department
TRANSSIBERIAN Reinsurance Corporation, RussiaAlexey DEMKINSenior Underwriter
TURAN Bank, AzerbaijanEmin MURSALOVHead of Credit Department
UNITY Re, RussiaDmitry GARMASHDeputy CEO
Igor SHEKHOVTSOVDirector, International Business Department
Dmitry VANINDirector
United Insurance Company, RussiaElena BAMBUROVADeputy Head of Reinsurance Department
XALQ Sigorta, AzerbaijanMehriban MAMEDOVAHead of Reinsurance Department
Emin TAHIROVHead of Sales Department
WILLIS Re, UKMuzaffer AKTASManaging Director

The 4th Azerbaijan International Insurance Forum is going to be held in "Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel", Baku

Following the great experience of the previous year, the guests of the fourth Azerbaijan International Insurance Forum are going to be accommodated in "Jumeirah Hotel", located alongside a 300 meter of Bilgah Beach on the Caspian Sea shore. This is the first international luxury city resort in Azerbaijan.

This contemporary lifestyle complex comprises 176 luxurious rooms and suites, and 14 stand-alone cottages along with extensive business and leisure facilities.

It features an array of exceptional restaurants and bars, conference centre including ballroom, multi-function venue and private meeting rooms, water park, private beach, a health club & spa, tennis court, football, volleyball and basketball fields, bowling alley, and a night club.

It will offer the ultimate retreat on the Absheron Peninsula within close proximity of the major attractions of Baku and its suburbs.

94 Gelebe Street, Bilgah District, AZ1122,
Baku, Azerbaijan
Tel: +994 12 565 4000
Fax: +994 12 565 4050

For more information concerning registration, program, visa and sponsorship details please contact:

Mrs. Gulnara HUSEYNOVA
Tel.: (00 99 412) 49.75.603

Mrs. Olesea ADONEV
Tel.: (00 40) 751. 662. 264

OrganizersWith the Official Support of
Azerbaijan Insurers Association
Ministry of Finance of the Azerbaijan Republic


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