ARMENIA: Medical insurance invalid in European countries

17 September 2012 —
Before leaving for a European country it is necessary to submit certain documents, including medical insurance while citizens visiting a concrete country insist when applying to doctors they revealed that the insurance received in Armenia is invalid in a number of countries.

For instance anchor Lusine Badalyan said she was very offended when a medical establishment abroad refused to accept the payment through the insurance card saying they do not accept it from Armenia.

Executive director of Ingo Armenia Levon Altunyan explained to that insurance policies given by even well known companies are not enough for their guarantees to be accepted as payments.

"Charitis, ACE, ING, Aviva, Prudential companies are considered the most reliable insurance companies in the world but sometimes even their insurance policies are not enough to be accepted as payment but in their country. For instance, the medical establishments acting in the territory of Armenia accept guarantees of only Armenian companies," he said.

In this case, according to him, the ratification of insurance agreement for the medical system of other countries is being implemented with other agreement, being signed with an independent assistance insurance company which in its turn has agreements with the majority of the world medical institutions.

Altunyan said in general, assistance insurance intends compensation in case of sudden diseases and accidents. At the same time, according to him, the person that gets insurance must make necessary steps registered in the insurance rules.

The company's director said the assistance insurance's cost depends on the selected insurance program, visiting country, age of the person, duration of the tour, etc.

"The tariff policy of our company, and not only ours, is established with the ratification of the Central Bank," he said, adding that the maximum tariff for a day makes 3,964 Armenian drams.

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ARMENIA: Medical insurance invalid in European countries
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