ARMENIA: VTB Bank and Rosgosstrakh are most popular financial institutions

4 January 2016 —
The public opinion poll conducted by Gallup International Association in Armenia has demonstrated that VTB Bank (Armenia) is the most popular among the financial-credit organizations of Armenia, Aram Navasardyan, Founder and Director at MPG LLC - Exclusive Representative of Gallup International Association in Armenia, told reporters on December 18.  

Navasardyan said that in terms of recognizability and quality of services the respondents mentioned VTB Bank (Armenia) - 57% and 26%, respectively. 49% of the respondents mentioned Unibank in terms of recognizability, 39% - ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK, 37% - Ardshinbank.  In terms of the quality of services, 12% of the respondents pointed out ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK, 11% named Unibank. 

Navasardyan said that the respondents choose the banks by the following criteria: 21% - the bank is near their house or office, 18% - the choice has been made by the employers or the higher educational establishments (payroll customers of the bank), 17% - the choice has been made at the friends' recommendation, 11% - the criterion was the low loan interest rate, 8% - convenient lending, and 6% - the advertising campaign of the bank.

 As regards the universal credit organizations, FINCA took the lead in terms of recognizability (70% of the respondents). The following companies ranked next: Aregak (52%), Kamurj UCO (39%) and Sef International (25%). FINCA was recognized the best (32%). Aregak ranked next (21%) and Sef International was the third - 14%. The respondents chose the UCOs with due regard for the following factors:  45% - at other people's recommendation, 41% - low loan interest rate, and 8% - the company's image.

The most recognizable insurance company is Rosgosstrakh Armenia (73% of the respondents). The following companies rank next - Ingo Armenia (55%), Nairi Insurance (36%) and RESO (28%). The best companies are Rosgosstrakh Armenia (51%), Ingo Armenia (18%) and Nairi Insurance (12%). The respondents explained their choice the following way: 36% - at the friends' recommendation, 24% - affordable price of the services, 23% - the company's experience. Read the full story ARMENIA: VTB Bank and Rosgosstrakh are most popular financial institutions
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