AXA’s Climate's Climate School will train the group’s individual shareholders on the challenges of climate change

4 April 2024 — Daniela GHETU

AXA announced the roll-out of its Climate's Climate School, a training offer on the challenges of climate change to its individual shareholders, thus confirming its ambition to be a responsible player in society in the face of environmental challenges.

The fight against climate change, as well as prevention and adaptation to this change, are strategic pillars for AXA, as an insurer, as an investor and as an employer. This is why, after having trained 96% of its employees in the challenges of climate change through a training program created by AXA Climate, the Group is now going to offer this training, The Climate School, to its individual shareholders.

“We provide our training to a wide range of clients to help them ensure the success of their ecological transition and their adaptation to the effects of climate change. By developing the knowledge of AXA's individual shareholders, we are taking a further crucial step in supporting all our stakeholders, who are key to the success of AXA's climate ambitions,” Antoine DENOIX, CEO of AXA climate.

AXA Climate's Climate School has been produced with contributions from over 120 scientists, experts and researchers around the world and is the most comprehensive 100% digital micro-learning catalogue on environmental and sustainable transition issues to date. It provides a user-friendly, science-based learning experience to explain the impacts of climate change on the environment and businesses, and to show what can be done to reduce them at both individual and corporate level. It is, for example, through this platform and its various modules that we aim to reinforce the awareness of our individual shareholders about these issues.

The development of extra-financial knowledge is essential to ensure an effective and sustainable transition of our business. Our individual shareholders are an integral part of this process, and their involvement will be essential in realizing the actions that the AXA Group has been undertaking for many years.