AZERBAIJAN: Compulsory health insurance to be fully implemented within the next 5 years

6 September 2018 — Marina MAGNAVAL
Compulsory health insurance in Azerbaijan will be fully implemented within five years, according to the director of the State Agency for Compulsory Health Insurance under the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Zaur ALIYEV.

As ALIYEV explained,for two years already the State Agency for Compulsory Health Insurance has been

implementing this project for two years already. During the first year, more attention was paid to the number of services and their availability for the population, during the second year more attention wais paid to quality. IAt that in July this year, an international consulting company was appointed to manage the introduction of compulsory health insurance in the entire country. By At the end of the year, the Agency will beginstart to prepareation of medical institutions for the transition period. "We want that, after five years, any citizen of Azerbaijan, regardless of financial situation, canould apply tovisit medical institutions and get the necessary servicescare," he added. "Starting from next year, the expansion will not be geographical universal, but we will have phased provision of certain services."

The State Agency for Compulsory Health Insurance was created in Azerbaijan in February 2016. AtIn the end of 2016, the first stage of a pilot project on compulsory health insurance started covering certain cities and districts of the country.

The Chairman of the board of A-Group Insurance Anar BAYRAMOV believes that the development of compulsory health insurance may positively affect voluntary health insurance, but the effect will appear only after a few years. According to him as soon as compulsory insurance fully works, people get more interested in additional voluntary products. "Statistics shows that in European countries where the level of development of compulsory health insurance is very high, about 10% of the population actively use voluntary health insurance. In our country, voluntary health insurance still covers only about 2% of the population", said BAYRAMOV.

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