AZERBAIJAN: Insurers' Association launches training program for actuaries

17 December 2020 — Ana PREDA
The Azerbaijan Insurers Association (AIA), together with the organizational support of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, is carrying out a large-scale training program with the help of experienced insurance employees of Turkey, Trend reports citing the AIA.

"The first direction of the training, which was attended by a large number of students, was devoted to the actuarial specialty in the insurance sector. Actuarial trainings for insurers, which play an important role in ensuring financial stability, are conducted in accordance with international practice.

One of the important projects of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan is to increase the knowledge and skills of actuaries in taking steps to move to risk-based regulation and control, as well as adapting to international experience.

The actuarial training provided by the program consists of four stages and includes examinations at the end of each stage. Trainings and related exams are organized online by the staff of the Turkish TSEV Foundation," the AIA explains.

The project aims to train and offer a higher expertise for the local insurance market human resource, resulting in a more sustainable development of the market, while ensuring the protection of the market's customers.


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