AZERBAIJAN: One step away from mandatory health insurance

23 May 2016 —
Experts often stress the importance of mandatory health insurance when talking about the solutions to main complaints people make about healthcare. Even though applying this system in our country has been debated for years, we still don"t have mandatory health insurance.

At the beginning of this year, president Ilham Aliyev signed a decree confirming the Charter and structure of State Agency for Mandatory Health Insurance under the Cabinet of Ministers. But how are things going at the moment? What countries'" practices are we benefiting from? What problems are there in implementing the project?

MP Musa Guliyev shared his thoughts with our newspaper and said there has been some problems that have delayed the implementation of mandatory health insurance: "The main challenge has been to adjust the healthcare and insurance system, as well as labor market of the country to the mandatory health insurance and increase the standards to the required level" Read the full story AZERBAIJAN: One step away from mandatory health insurance
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