AZERBAIJAN: The future compulsory medical insurance will cost citizens no more than EUR 60/year

6 October 2016 — Daniela GHETU
One of the main questions the public is interested in with regard to the future compulsory medical insurance in Azerbaijan, the cost level, seems to have received a first answer which mentions an annual sum no larger than AZN 100 (~ EUR 60) per person.

Vugar GURBANOV, Chief of compulsory medical insurance department under the State Agency of Compulsory Medical Insurance told that in line with the current proposals, the yearly compulsory medical insurance fee will not top AZN 100. "The agency has set the insurance fee and submitted it to the Cabinet of Ministers. The annual compulsory medical insurance fee that we proposed does not exceed AZN 100."

The sum will be paid from personal resources by the Azeri citizens, except for some cathegories of the non-active population (retirees, young under 18 year of age and other socially assisted cathegories) for which the state will assume the payments.

According to Zaur ALIYEV, director of the country's State Agency for Compulsory Health Insurance, the basic package includes more than 1800 medical services, including surgery and some laboratory examinations, MRI, CT, X-ray examinations. "Most of therapeutic treatments will be covered by compulsory health insurance," he added. "Our researches revealed that most of the citizens suffer from cardiovascular disease that requires more funds. Therefore, brain aneurysm, peripheral vascular surgery, esophageal surgery, closed and open-heart surgery will be also covered by insurance. There are state programs on a number of diseases - cancer, chronic kidney failure, examination and treatment of patients with diabetes. Thus, treatment of these diseases was not included in compulsory health insurance package. We are planning to provide insurance for these diseases in the future," ALIYEV said, quoted by APA. 

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