AZERBAIJAN: from January to November the largest payment of the Compulsory Insurance Bureau of Azerbaijan abroad recorded in Germany

9 January 2023 —
The amount of payments that the Compulsory Insurance Bureau of Azerbaijan made from January through November 2022 under the Green Card system reached about AZN 531,000 (~USD 312,350) for road traffic accidents that occurred abroad, Trend reports according to the Bureau.

At the same time, payments of over AZN 95,000 (USD 55,880) were made to foreign citizens for insurance cases on Azerbaijan's territory.

"The largest payment for insurance cases that occurred abroad was recorded in Germany and totaled AZN 31,586 (USD 18,580). For the insurance cases that happened on the territory of Azerbaijan with the involvement of foreign citizens, the largest payout falls on Russia- AZN 23,000 (USD 13,530)", the Bureau noted.

*EUR 1 = AZN 1.77 (01.12.2022)