Aon study: Businesses that are putting their people first are more likely to thrive

15 September 2020 —
Aon plc has released the results of a new global pulse survey focused on how companies are rethinking their human capital strategies in response to the humanitarian and economic impacts of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Aon conducted the study, "Accelerating Workforce Agility and Resilience," from August 17 to August 25, 2020, and a total of 2,004 human resources leaders and professionals responded globally. Complete study results are available here.

Michael Burke, CEO for Aon's Human Capital business, said:

"This study demonstrates how companies are actively preparing for the future of work. The degree to which firms are focused on improving workforce agility and making remote working effective is incredible. At the same time, companies continue to struggle with many of the acute challenges presented by the pandemic, such as assisting working parents when schools are closed or employees who are caring for elderly family members. Companies with best-in-class responses are looking at these issues holistically to serve their people from every angle."

Globally, 84% of survey respondents view workforce agility, defined as the ability to quickly move employees into new roles or areas of the organization to support changing business needs, as very important or extremely important to the future success of their organization following the onset of the pandemic.

While workforce agility is widely viewed as vital to future success, on a global basis, only 39% of survey respondents currently view their workforces as very agile or extremely agile.

Helping employees address acute challenges related to the pandemic remains an ongoing and evolving challenge for companies. On a global basis, 35% of survey respondents indicate their companies have changed, or are actively considering changing, their time-off policies in response to the pandemic.

These efforts, among many others, are all designed to improve workforce resilience, which includes the physical, social, emotional, professional and financial wellbeing of employees.

Read the full report here