Armenia: Changes in the process of concluding MTPL contract

25 August 2016 — Olesea ADONEV
Starting September 1st, 2016, car owners will no longer be required to declare the names of other drivers they allow to drive the vehicles upon buying MTPL insurance, recently said the Bureau of Motor Insurers of Armenia(source: ArmInfo).

Vahan AVETISYAN, Executive Director of the Bureau has stated that due to the latest changes in the legal provisions, which will come into force starting from September 1, while signing MTPL insurance contract owners of vehicles will not have to pay additional insurance premium for multiple drivers.

At the same time Vahan AVETISYAN explained that any person having driver's license can use the owner's car without any letter of attorney.

However, "owners of vehicles should be very careful when choosing a person to give their car because in case of a road accident, it is the car owner who will be introduced in the 'bonus-malus' system", he noted.

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