BOSNIA's Sarajevo Osiguranje net profit drops sharply in 2016

The net profit of Bosnian insurer Sarajevo Osiguranje dropped to 55,000 marka (28,100 euro) in 2016 from 451,600 marka a year earlier, the company said.

Sarajevo Osiguranje's gross written premiums fell 5.2% to 45.1 million marka last year, while its net operating costs increased to 24.3 million marka from 20.6 million marka, the insurance company said in a filing with the Sarajevo Stock Exchange late on Friday. Read the full story

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STATISTICS: BOSNIA, 3Q: 8% y-o-y increase in GWP and a new market leader

Based on the figures released by AZOBIH - Insurance Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the end of September 2016 the aggregate value of GWP by the 27 insurers active in Republika Srpska and Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina - the two administrative entities of the country, was of EUR 245.2 million, or 7.9% more y-o-y, while the value of claims paid was down by 5.2% y-o-y, to EUR 90.9 million.


STATISTICS: BOSNIA, 1H2016: Motor lines generate about 80% of the non-life insurer's expenses for claims

The aggregate GWP value generated by the Bosnian insurers was up by 7.86% y-o-y to BAM 316.90 million (EUR 162.03 million) in the first half of 2016, according to the figures provided by the two market authorities (NADOS - Insurance Supervisory Agency of FBiH and AZORS - Insurance Agency of RS). About 71% of total GWP were made by the 12 insurance companies which are registered in the FBiH (or EUR 115 million) the remaining 29% (EUR 47 million) being reported by the 13 RS insurers.



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