BULGARIA: 14 dead and ~EUR 7.5 million infrastructure damage in last week's floods

26 June 2014 — Vlad BOLDIJAR
inundatii_bulgariaThe torrential rain and floods that hit Eastern Bulgaria last week killed 14 people - including two children, the Bulgarian media informed. The most affected area was the Black Sea Port of Varna and the Black Sea resort of Albena - a very popular area among holidaymakers from Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Germany.

The renovation of the infrastructure destroyed by the floods will cost between BGN 10 million and BGN 15 million (note: EUR 5 - 10 million), according to the Road Infrastructure Agency's estimates (Source: novinite.com).

Some 1,200 tourists in Bulgaria's Black Sea resort of Albena have been evacuated from hotels located near the Balata Reserve due to the risk of flooding from the Batovska River.

According to the Romanian media, 1,000 Romanian tourists were affected by floods. At the same time, the Romanian Government has sent trailers for the evacuation of 29 Romanian tourists and of eight vehicles.

"There are several negative effects for the economy. Apart from the direct damage to people, there is infrastructure that needs to be restored," Deputy Prime Minister, Daniela BOBEVA, told DARIK national radio, quoted by REUTERS.

"There are problems with the crops, especially in the region of Dobrich ... that will pose a serious problem to the economy." (Note: At least 14 people were reported killed - 11 in the Asparuhovo neighborhood of Varna and three in the city of Dobrich. Source: Capital FM News).

According to BOBEVA, damage to Black Sea beaches might cause a drop in the number of tourists visiting the country. "Tourism accounts for about 10% of Bulgaria's gross domestic product."

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