BULGARIA: EUROHOLD turned on profit in 2018

5 February 2019 — Andrei Victor
Bulgarian EUROHOLD -owner of EUROINS Insurance Group (EIG) - announced in its preliminary financial report for 2018 - a positive financial result in amount of BGN 1.7 million (EUR 871,800) versus a loss of BGN 17.3 million (EUR 8.84 million) for the comparable period last year.

The FY 2018 revenues of the company increased by BGN 19.9 million amounting to BGN 24 million. Of these, the most significant share represented the revenues from operations with financial instruments amounted to BGN 21.6 million, followed by interest income and other financial income (positive differences from exchange rate changes) totaling BGN 2.2 million, and dividend income received at the amount of BGN 0.2 million.

For comparison, the reported revenues in 2017 are respectively BGN 4 million, of which the most significant share is the interest income of BGN 2.4 million, followed by revenue from operations with financial

EUROHOLD is a leading Bulgarian company with operations across the Balkans focused on insurance, non-banking financial services and asset management, leasing and sales of new car.

Exchange rate for calculations: 1 EUR = 1.95583 Leva - BGN (fixed)

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