BULGARIA: Insurance shocks

3 June 2014 —
It is still difficult to measure the effect from the re-licensing procedure for health insurance funds that were obliged to obtain insurance company licenses last year, the Capital Daily Health reports. So far data of the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) shows that nearly 8% of all income attracted by insurance companies offering health products has come precisely from these products in 2013.

According to FSC data on general insurance companies by end-2013, the share of illness insurance premiums represented 97.7% for Bulgaria, 100% for Doverie, 10% for Generali, 100% for Euroins Health, 93.81% for DallBogg, 100% for Medico-21, 99.9% for Tokuda.

As far as life insurance companies are concerned, the share of the same type of insurance premiums was 8.77% for Bulstrad Life, 9.69% for Uniqa Life, 7.41% for DZI Life Insurance, 5.54% for Alico Bulgaria, 0.76% for Allianz Bulgaria, 1.81% for UBB Alico, 7.83% for Life Insurance Institute, 0.75% for Grawe Bulgaria and 5.76% for CCB Life.

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BULGARIA: Insurance shocks
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