BULGARIA: MoitePari.bg and ABZ study: Lack of information is the main reason for lack of interest in life insurance

15 March 2022 — Marina MAGNAVAL
In Bulgaria, the lack of interest in life insurance is due to lack of information, according to the study conducted by the website MoitePari.bg and the Association of Bulgarian Insurers, aimed at establishing consumer attitudes towards life insurance products with a total of 371 participants, the Association said.

The study examines attitudes of both those who have life insurance and those who for one reason or another do not. The results show that most respondents (63%) do not have life insurance. The reason for this is that the respondents are not sufficiently informed about this type of insurance and are therefore not aware of their benefits. 40% mention this argument as the main reason for not having a "Life" contract. Other reasons are the lack of need for such insurance (28%) and the lack of funds to buy it (26%).

The main reason mentioned by those who have life insurance was payment of a bank loan - the study shows that 37% of respondents have life insurance, at that the majority had to buy it in connection with a loan payment (32%). With a small difference from this group are consumers who realized the need and benefits of life insurance, choosing investment insurance to obtain both risk coverage and benefit (profitability) from the investment component (27%). In third place are the respondents who have a classic savings life insurance (21%).

Nearly half of those who have life insurance (48%) say they have a high level of awareness and are well acquainted with all the conditions - covered risks, exceptions, formation of insurance payments, etc. However, more than half of the policyholders are not fully aware of the terms, which could lead to consumer dissatisfaction in the future.

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