Balkan Insurance Brokers' annual meeting gathered over 100 professionals in Nis, Serbia

27 June 2022 — Daniela GHETU
The annual meeting of Balkan Insurance Brokers took place in the city of Nis, Serbia on 3-5 June. Over 100 attendees from Balkan Insurance Brokers network in Bulgaria and Romania attended the reunion, as well as representatives of insurers Euroins and Uniqa from Bulgaria, and Euroins and Grawe from Romania.

Participants at the meeting discussed the results of the last two pandemic years and also the future strategy. "Our founder, Mr. Yordan VELEV created Balkan Broker 24 years ago. Now more than ever we are determined to give meaning to the name Balkan, its origins being the mountains situated in the Balkan Peninsula. Proof of this is the developing of Balkan Insurance Broker in Romania as well as the fact our meeting takes place in Serbia, our next objective in terms of development," Maria VELEVA - CEO Balkan Insurance Brokers stated.

ZBK BALKAN AD is an insurance broker with over 20 years of experience as an insurance intermediary. Established in 1998, as soon as the Bulgarian legislation in the insurance sphere was amended so that allowed the functioning of the insurance brokers.

Since November 2006, BALKAN AD is the only Bulgarian member of WBN (Worldwide Broker Network) - an international network of independent insurance brokers. WBN is the largest chain of independent insurance brokers in the world and the sixth largest in the ranking of all brokers (including international brokers Marsh, AON, Willis and EOS risk). In 2015, Balkan Broker opened an office in Bucharest, Romania, thus expanding its activity to the neighboring country.

In 2021, BALKAN AD mediated premiums worth EUR 13.6 million, out of which EUR 11.44 million for re / insurers based in Bulgaria and EUR 2.17 million for insurers domiciled in another country.

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