Best performances in the Romanian insurance market awarded today by XPRIMM

24 March 2016 — Daniela GHETU
This evening the best performances in the Romanian insurance market will be awarded by XPRIMM at the 16th edition of the Insurance Market's Awards Gala. This year the event will also celebrate the Romanian folk traditions, a rich display of Romanian traditional costumes and crafts, celebrating creativity and performance.

During the Gala will be awarded the best performances in sales and customers support for the national networks of the Romanian insurance and brokerage companies, as well as the creativity in insurance products design, the best asset managing results in private pensions and the best overall insurance companies on the main segments of activity.

Beside the traditional folk costumes parade, the identity and national spirit will be outlined also by three workshops dedicated to the traditional Romanian crafts: egg painting, pottery and weaving.

The Insurance Market Awards Gala 2016 will be held at The Oaks Country Club, with the official support of the Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum and is supported by the partners PRC - Pavalascu Risk Consultants, Eurotax and The event is organized with the support Consiglieri, Iliana Workshop, BRS - COLOR and tshirts.

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