Between current challenges and technology supported opportunities, the future of motor insurance discussed at the Motor Insurance Conference, 23 May

21 April 2022 — Daniela GHETU
The agenda of the Motor Insurance Conference hosted by the 23rd edition of FIAR - the International Insurance Reinsurance Forum on 23 May is now up, displaying a rich content and top-level speakers. The Romanian Motor Insurers Bureau - BAAR and the Croatian based AMODO, one of the top 5 Insurtech companies globally according to Financial Times are Official Partners of the conference.

The conference also benefits from the support of its Main Partner, EUROINS, one of the largest motor insurers in the Central and Southeastern Europe. AUDATEX, eClaims Assistance and ASISOFT are Partners of the conference.

AN in-depth view of the MTPL market's evolution in Romania will be provided in the opening of the conference, followed by a panel of discussions reuniting the main stakeholders of this lines of business.

Sandra SCHWARZ, President of the Council of Bureaux will give a keynote speech, reviewing the challenges that the Green Card system is currently facing and the potential solutions, as well as the impact that the war in Ukraine is expected to have on the system's functioning. Representatives of motor insurers bureaux in the region will join her in a panel of discussions that will follow.

The second part of the conference is dedicated to the role that technology plays in improving customers' experience with motor insurance, as well as in changing step by step the role of motor insurers from simply providing for financial compensation for the damages suffered following car crashes to help preventing road accidents and thus becoming real partners for the drivers.

The Motor Insurance Conference will take place on 23 May, starting 15.00 hours (Bucharest time), at the Sheraton hotel in Bucharest, within the framework of the 23rd edition of FIAR - the International Insurance Reinsurance Forum.

FIAR stands as the most important spring event dedicated to the insurance and reinsurance in the Central and Southeastern Europe. Reaching its 23rd Edition, the Forum gathers representatives of all major European insurance and reinsurance companies.

Online registrations are opened on the FIAR website.

See you soon in Bucharest!

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