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12 December 2018 — Adina TUDOR
In the coming consolidated world of financial services, Bancassurance has quickly gained popularity in Africa as both banks and insurers recognize the need for partnerships in an increasingly competitive market.

New business models, customer dynamics, as well as the rise of digitalization, are reshaping the ecosystem and pressuring players in the industry to reinvent themselves in order to improve their financial performance and thrive in the long-term.

It is important to recognize that the Africa region is made up of a wide range of markets which have different levels of maturity, customer awareness, demographic situations, cultures and regulations. While these differences may affect the bancassurance models or implementation, there are still a number of general factors that can be applied to benefit all bancassurance operations. Hence, it is vital to develop a comprehensive understanding of the recent trends regarding bancassurance operations in the Africa region, in order for banks and insurers to identify and work through their challenges as they continue to develop their bancassurance strategy.

Following the previous years' highly successful summit series, the 10th Bancassurance Africa Summit 2019 will take place from 12-15 February 2019, in Cape Town, South Africa. The event is supported by XPRIMM Publications as Media Partner.

The well-received summit, proudly brought to you by Equip Global, aims to address the emerging trends across product and geographical segments of Bancassurance across Africa, such as: Enhancing The Insurance Experience Through the Digitization of Distribution Channels, Delivering Innovative Products Aligned with Target Consumers through Efficient Distribution Channels, as well as Understanding the Legal and regulatory Framework in Africa to ensure Stable and Secure Growth of the Bancassurance Market.

This 4-day conference aims to help the Bancassurance and Business Units thrive in this ever-changing financial and economic landscape, as leading players from the industry will share case studies on how to Embrace Digitalization to Streamline the Operational processes through Data-Driven Analytics, alongside with exclusive case studies that aim to Analyze the Future Prospects for Life and Non-Life Insurance in the Africa Market. On top of that, hear from industry experts as they give their insights on how to Build a Mutually Beneficial Bancassurance Partnership through Creating an Environment of Trust and Transparency.

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