Bulgarian EUROINS Insurance Group launched Boosts! it's FinTech initiative

28 September 2017 — Vlad BOLDIJAR
Bulgarian EUROINS Insurance Group (EIG) has launched Boosts! EIG's FinTech initiative. The initiative is meant helping EIG to compete with the largest players in the industry in pursuing the Group strategic goal of becoming "the largest independent insurance group in CEE and SEE".

"EUROINS Insurance Group is embracing the FinTech and InsurTech wave and is viewing this trend as a transforming force" said Kiril BOSHOV, CEO of Euroins Insurance Group.

" (...) The pace of change in financial and insurance industry is accelerating and every company has to develop new innovative products and services in order to meet the expanding and changing customer demands. FinTech and InsurTech will soon play the major role in developing new insurance products".

"The digital revolution is changing the entire financial and insurance industry. Boost! EIG FinTech  initiative will be a major pillar of our strategy for closer integration of our company into the FinTech and InsurTech ecosystem and will enable us to pool efforts with talents that want to improve financial and insurance services for the benefit of consumers through the use of new technologies and the so-called disruptive models. With Boost! EIG FinTech initiative we would like to address both EIG's talented employees and external startup entrepreneurs. We are inviting them to invent, build, develop and lead FinTech and InsurTech projects that will both deliver benefits to our customers and increase our company's efficiency. Our goal is to create disruptive projects and incubate startups linked to our insurance and finance business".

Some of the benefits innovators and startup entrepreneurs could expect from Boost! EIG FinTech initiative are:
  • Privileged access to capital, mentors, senior management coaching, knowledge and assets owned by Eurohold Bulgaria, that is a holding company with over BN 1 billion revenues and is operating across CEE and SEE, focused on insurance, car sales, leasing and asset management.  
  • Know-how from EIG entrepreneurial, managerial and investment experience that have built one of the leading independent insurance companies in Southeast Europe.
  • Business support, free training, workshops and courses led by industry leaders and experts
  • Access to EIG international corporate network consisting of 200 outlets
  • Access to a network of potential investors, partners, and entrepreneurs
  • Dedicated workspace and access to a pool of resources.    
"We plan to invest EUR 2 million within the next 3 years in the Boost! EIG FinTech initiative. Certainly, our top priority will be to invent and develop appropriate innovation processes, tools and culture so that to build an effective innovation program", commented Kiril Boshov.

Kiril BOSHOV, CEO of Euroins Insurance Group, has confirmed his participation as Keynote Speaker at IIF2017: Insurance in the DIGITAL World Conference. The event will take place on 14 November 2017, at the Bristol Hotel, Vienna (AU).

Click here for more details about the event agenda, topics, program, speakers and terms of participation.

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