CCN Aviation's global expands to the Indian market

18 April 2019 — Daniela GHETU
FlightClaimEU, part of Claims Corporation Network - CCN's Group aviation activity that supports, advises and assists passengers in case of a flight disruption, expands its global footprint to India, the Group has announced.

"More and more Indian travelers are coming to Europe for business and leisure, or deploy Europe to fly intercontinentally. Travelers in general are not familiar with their rights as passengers under this EU regulation. Besides, airline carriers are not actively informing their clients of such rights in case of a flight disruption. It is therefore the primary mission of FlightClaimEU to inform travelers about their rights and educate airline carriers to treat their customers fairly. The expansion to India results in an even greater number of travelers worldwide to support with legal aviation service. During the course of this year we will expand our services to China as well," explained Cees WERFF, Group CEO of CCN.

FlightClaimEU supports, advises and assists passengers in case of a flight disruption (delay/ cancellation/ denied boarding) in acquisition of a compensation under EU regulation (EC261). The legal assistance service is already offered in 15 countries of the European Union, and now FlightClaimEU has introduced its service to India- the second largest market globally containing over one billion citizens.

CCN is an European TPA Claims Service Provider. CCN handles cross-border claims within and beyond the European Union for insurance carriers, brokers and fleet-owners, offering custom-made solutions within the fleet claims situation and also provides European Road Mobility service, including towing assistance, claims - & repair management as well as repatriation and recovery (regres) service. CCN's network comprises of 34 countries organized in 6 regional hubs, servicing over 1,000 clients.

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