CCR: 2018 Financial Position Report

In 2018, CCR group's consolidated premium income was EUR 1,371 million, with consolidated net income of EUR 132 million. CCR RE contributed EUR 35 million to the Group consolidated income, while CCR contributed EUR 147 million.

CCR Public reinsurance

CCR faced a series of natural disaster events, within the whole France territory, resulting in CCR recording EUR 872 million of claims in its role as public reinsurer. Here are some of the main 2018 financial indicators:

  • Gross written premiums: EUR 908 million (stable, EUR 905 million in 2017);
  • Net combined ratio: 2.4% (2.5% in 2017);
  • Net investment income: EUR 122 million;
  • Return on investment: 1.8% (1.6% in 2017);
  • Cost ratio: 2.4% (2.5% in 2017);
  • Net income: EUR 147 million (EUR 33 million in 2017);
  • CCR can face in 2019 a Nat Cat loss experience of 4.5 billion euros for the market without calling on the State guarantee.


CCR RE continued to grow profitably, with premium income up 17%, a decrease in combined ratio to 99.4%, and net income of EUR 35 million (twice the 2017 figure). By the end of 2018, the main financial indicators stood at the following levels:

  • Gross written premiums: EUR 464 million (+17%, EUR 396 million in 2017);
  • Net combined ratio: 99.4% (104.9% in 2017);
  • Return on investment: 2.2% (stable, 2.2% in 2017);
  • Cost ratio: 5.9% (7.2% in 2017);
  • Solvency ratio: 189% (in 180-220% optimal chosen range);
  • Net income: EUR 35 million (EUR 17 million in 2017);

"2018's results confirm once again the relevance and solidity of CCR group's business model. The numerous weather events (EUR 872 million) that affected French territory in 2018 highlighted the importance of CCR's role in providing compensation for natural disasters and ensuring all households and businesses have equal access to insurance for these risks," said Pierre BLAYAU, Chairman of the Board at CCR.

The full report can be found on CCR website, here: 2018 CCR group's financial position

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