CROATIA: Allianz Hrvatska pays out the highest bonuses to its employees compared to previous years

21 December 2022 — Marina MAGNAVAL
All employees of the Allianz Hrvatska insurance company were paid the highest amount of one-time bonuses compared to previous years, and Allianz was named the best global brand in the insurance industry for the fourth year in a row, wrote.

In times of pronounced economic instability and uncertainty and increased living costs due to inflation, Allianz Croatia (Allianz Hrvatska) is taking care of its employees. From June of this year until now, all employees of the company have been paid bonuses in the total amount of over HRK 3 million (almost EUR 400,000), which is the highest amount compared to previous years.

"Our role as an insurer is to make society as resilient as possible to challenges, and this applies not only to clients, but also to our employees. The quality of their lives at a time when we are all facing new economic challenges is extremely important to us because it is they who contribute to the growth of the entire brand and help build a safer future. We are extremely proud to have once again confirmed our place on the list of the world's best brands, which is the result of dedication of all the people who are part of Allianz", said Daniel Matic, President of the Allianz Croatia Management Board.

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