CROATIA: MTPL and Green Card policies to go digital

10 December 2019 — Cosmin CONCEATU
At the beginning of December 2019, Croatian Insurance Bureau (HUO) and Croatian Vehicle Center (CVH) announced the launch of a digitalization project regarding motor third party liability (MTPL) insurance policies.

The system consists in a virtual registry of all MTPL policies concluded by insurance companies for Croatian vehicles. After the policyholder has signed the contract electronically, the insurance company automatically sends the data of the vehicle within a few minutes to a nationwide database, managed by CVH.

The information of the policy will be available to the road traffic safety department from the Ministry of Interior (MUP) and to the vehicle inspection officers. Vehicle owners will also be able to check the validity of their MTPL policies using the platform.

During the press conference, Hrvoje PAUKOVIC, Director of HUO, explained that all parties involved will benefit from this new system:

"With this project, we accelerate and facilitate the processes for our policyholders, we accelerate the flow of information between the institutions, and we also must not neglect the ecological dimension of the project as it reduces the consumption of paper and paper waste."

According to Svijeto Osiguranja, the Croatian drivers will be able to drive around the country without a physical copy of their MTPL policy; the Croatian law says that every proof for a valid MTPL policy is acceptable, including an electronic copy of the policy presented on the screen of the phone. The same source mentioned that starting July 2020, Green Card policies will be subject to the same rules as the MTPL policies, the physical copy on paper being optional to have in the car's glovebox.

By eliminating the obligation to carry around their MTPL policy printed on a sheet of paper, vehicle owners will be able to save time on different occasions. For example, vehicle technical inspection stations will be able to verify in real time the existence of a MTPL policy, allowing the owners of these vehicles to skip this step and register their vehicles faster.

Slaven DOBRIC, President of the Board at HUO, emphasized the benefits that the system will bring to the market, while pointing to the fact that the market wants to bring more digital innovation to every day activities:

"We are clearly showing the direction where our entire industry is heading, which is to digitize and streamline all our processes and products at industry level, with a constant focus on customers."

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