CROATIA Osiguranje and Amodo launch LaqoPrevent, using technology to reward prudent road behavior

25 March 2021 — Daniela GHETU
Croatian market's top insurer, Croatia osiguranje, part of Adris Group, launched earlier this week LaqoPrevent, a unique prevention program that, with the help of advanced technologies, promotes and rewards responsible road behavior and traffic risk reduction.

The LaqoPrevent program is part of the offer of Croatia's LAQO insurance, the first fully digital insurance solution in this area. Since LAQO currently offers motor vehicle insurance, the first initiative under the LaqoPreventa program promotes safe driving and responsible behavior in traffic using an advanced telematics technology solution available under the LAQO application. Users can thus monitor various aspects of their driving and influence the reduction of key traffic risks and be rewarded for responsible behavior and good results.

Laqo rewards good drivers: track your speed, braking and cell phone usage while driving

Telematics is an advanced technological solution that in application allows individuals to analyze and correct their behavior in traffic. This technology within the LAQO app, which users voluntarily activate on their mobile phones, monitors driving style, excessive speed, sudden braking and mobile phone use while driving. The program rewards good drivers, so users with the best grades will be provided with exclusive additional coverage when contracting a new insurance policy. As part of the program, a series of challenges and competitions will be conducted, which will additionally invite users to drive responsibly.

"By launching this unique prevention program based on advanced technologies, LAQO reaffirms its status as the strongest digital brand in the world of insurance. Since its launch, LAQO has been a hit in the insurance market, and user reactions are the best confirmation that there is a strong need in the market for advanced digital solutions. With the LaqoPrevent program, we go a step further and contribute to raising the overall level of security in society. We will promote and reward responsible behavior in all aspects of life, starting now with traffic safety ", says the President of the Management Board of Croatia osiguranje, Davor Tomaskovic.

The director of the sector for digital development in CO, Ana Zovko, also announces new digital innovations. "We want our customers to know that we are their partner who works systematically on accident prevention and prevention. We will continue to develop and with each new insurance we launch under the LAQO brand, we will use new advanced technologies so that policyholders always get more than an insurance policy. He is a satisfied user in the DNA of the LAQO brand ", says Ana Zovko.

The presentation of LaqoPrevent was also attended by Marijan Mumdziev, CEO of Amodo, whose team developed a technological solution for LAQO. Amodo is a globally active Croatian digital solutions provider and, already awarded several times for itswork in the insurtech sector. The Financial Times named Amodo one of the top 5 insurtech companies in the world. "It is a great pleasure to be a part of this project. Even though Amodo has users all over the world, doing something like this in our "own backyard" is of special importance to us. We are glad to have found a partner who, like us, is not only ready to follow global trends but also to set them."

The LaqoPrevent prevention program is available to LAQO private users and is completely voluntary. Since its launch in October 2020, LAQO - the first 100 percent digital insurance has been a real hit among Croatian policyholders who have recognized the benefits of taking out insurance in just one minute, without a single paper.

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