CROATIA Osiguranje increased its stake in its BOSNIAN subsidiary to 89%

17 June 2015 — Vlad BOLDIJAR
CROATIA Osiguranje announced on Zagreb Stock Exchange website it has raised its stake in its Bosnian subsidiary from 52.05% to 88.64%. Through a voluntary public bidding process, CROATIA Osiguranje purchased 11,031 shares of the Ljubuski-based insurer, which form 36.59% of the total shares issued by the issuer.

"Between May 5th, 2015 and June 3rd, 2015, CROATIA osiguranje d.d. conducted a voluntary public bidding process for purchase of shares in Croatia osiguranje d.d. Ljubuski (...) according to the Act on Takeover of Joint Stock Companies of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the decision by the Securities Commission of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina", the Zagreb-based insurer announced.

Outside Croatia, CROATIA Osiguranje operates in Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo.

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