CROATIA: The insurance market in March maintained its upward trend

12 April 2022 —
According to the data of the Croatian Insurance Bureau for March 2022, insurance companies collected GWP in the amount of HRK 3.54 billion (~EUR 0.47 billion), which is an increase of 9.02% y-o-y.

Non-life insurance, which accounts for 76.48% of the market, reached HRK 2.71 billion, which is 9.86% higher than a year ago. The most common type of insurance is still insurance of liability of motor vehicle owners with GWP of HRK 753 million (+7.26%). The share of this type of insurance in the market is 21.23% and 27.76% in the non-life segment.

Life insurance amounted to HRK 834 million and increased by 6.36%. In its structure, the largest share belongs to classic life insurance with GWP worth HRK 580 million, which occupies 69.64% of the life portfolio, and 16.38% in the total market volume.

*EUR 1 = HRK 7.57