CROATIA: at the end of June the market expanded by 7.53%

13 July 2022 — Marina MAGNAVAL
According to the Croatian Insurance Authority, in June the market totaled HRK 6.88 billion (~EUR 0.91 billion), which is 7.53% more compared to 2021, reports.

In the non-life sector, which accounts for 77.60% of the total volume, the insurers collected HRK 5.34 billion, which is 10.793% higher y-o-y. The most popular insurance class is liability insurance of motor vehicle owners (HRK 1.59 billion), it recorded a growth of 6.47% y-o-y. The share of this class in the total market is 2.13% and in the non-life sector - 29.81%.

GWP in the life insurance sector by the end of June totaled HRK 1.54 billion, which means a decrease of 2.77%. Life insurance accounts for 22.40% of the total market portfolio (in 2021, its share was 24.78%).

In the structure of life insurance, the largest share belongs to classic life insurance with GWP worth HRK 1.11 billion, which is 16.78% less than in 2021. The share of this class in the life insurance market is 71.93%, and in the total market - 16.12%.

*EUR 1 = HRK 7.53

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