CROATIA osiguranje, FY2023: stable profitability despite high NatCat claims paid

29 February 2024 — Daniela GHETU
Consolidated insurance revenues of Croatia osiguranje, including regional branches, amounted to EUR 476 million in 2023, which is 11% more y-o-y. The company, part of the Adris Group, achieved a consolidated net profit before minority interests in the amount of EUR 58.5 million.

During July and August 2023, the areas of Zagreb and its surroundings as well as central and eastern Croatia were affected by weather events that caused material damage in the amount of more than EUR 35 million. The strength and consequences of the storm are best illustrated by the fact that in the first few days of the storm, more damage was reported than the total amount of damage reported after the Zagreb and Petrin earthquakes in 2020. Although the company has adequate reinsurance protection and will compensate a significant part of the damages from reinsurance, the said losses had a negative impact on the operations of Croatia osiguranje in the amount of more than EUR 20 million.

The digital segment of CO's business recorded positive results in 2023 as well. Realized insurance revenues from digital business grew by 27%, with Croatia's digital brand Laqo achieving a 64% increase in insurance revenues.

Investments of Croatia osiguranje in the health segment of business in the last three years amounted to approximately EUR 20 million. In 2023, Croatia Poliklinika recorded a 55% y-o-y increase in income from core business. In 2023, three new Croatia Polyclinics were opened - in Osijek, Zadar and Varazdin.

In November, Croatia osiguranje was the first in Europe to present the innovation of using artificial intelligence (AI) in damage assessment on motor vehicles.

Croatia osiguranje is the largest and oldest insurance company in Croatia, with a 27.52% share in the total market GWP and a 31.8% market share on the non-life insurance segment.