CZECH REPUBLIC: Miroslav SINGER appointed to Government's National economic council dealing with economic impacts of Covid-19

22 April 2020 — Andrei Victor
Miroslav SINGER, Director of Institutional Affairs & CEE Chief Economist at GENERALI Holding CEE, was officially appointed as a member of the Czech government's National Economic Council (NERV) established on April 9 to tackle the impacts of the coronavirus crisis on economy.

The expert team that Miroslav SINGER became a member of, consisting of 16 members, now serves as government's official strategic advisory organ. It is an independent advisory body assisting the government to find the most appropriate form of economic reforms and measures to stimulate national economy.

The NERV belongs under the authority of the Vice-Prime Minister and the Minister of Trade, Industry and Transportation Karel HAVLICEK who describes the council's main purpose: "The council should focus on identifying economic issues regarding the economy of public sector and the competitiveness of Czech economy."

The agenda of NERV includes recommendations on strategic documents, particularly the Economic strategy of the Czech Republic. The council will also be an umbrella body to interconnect operations of other newly established expert teams.

The dedicated team with Miroslav Singer and other leading Czech economists and also big companies representatives aboard should also come up with measures to be taken to support the entrepreneurial environment and the employment policy, to boost the financial sector and public finances, in order to ensure the state's ability of providing public goods.

Simultaneously the council is expected to propose actions to moderate negative impacts of the economic decline. The NERV should both evaluate the emergency measures adopted by the government due to coronavirus epidemic and propose particular actions to be implemented related to preparations of the national budget for 2021 with prospects of 2022 and 2023.

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