CertAsig: FIAR is the ideal context for strengthening our relationships with the brokers

14 May 2015 — Oana RACATEJ
CertAsig considers that the broker's role is essential for the Romanian insurance industry because of the real help they offer in rapidly settling the claim file by mediating talks between the insurer and the insured.

The company's strategy is to continue to offer quality services to their broker partners. "We have planned more projects together with our brokers", James GRINDLEY, CEO of CertAsig said.

He also added that "more than 95% of CertAsig`s total premium income derives from broker business. We want to show that we support brokers as a group and show that our business model is designed to work with brokers."

CertAsig is Main Partner of FIAR- International Insurance-Reinsurance Forum and also a traditional Partner of the Brokers 'Conference.

"Our attendance and visibility at this conference will further cement our already strong relationships with brokers. It will be a great opportunity to find out what concerns broker partners most in terms of the business challenges today in Romania which will help us identify how CertAsig can further assist in terms of improving its broker service. Also, it may give us the opportunity to meet new brokers", James GRINDLEY concluded.

This year edition of FIAR takes place between 17th and 19th of May in Brasov. More details about the event and how to register are available on the official site www.fiar.ro.

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