Claims files following December EQ: Hungarian insurers 8,700 vs. 7,430 Croatian insurers

11 March 2021 — Andrei Victor
The most recent figures published by MABISZ - the Association of Hungarian Insurers, showed that following the December 2020 earthquakes in Croatia claims paid by local insurers significantly exceed previous estimates, the number of opened claim files being even higher than in Croatia.

"Following the 28-29 December earthquakes in Croatia, the year-end flash estimates showed payable damages of hundreds millions forints; in the first days of January, the value jumped to five hundred million forints, while the actual final amount of payments and allocated reserves approached to HUF 830 million (~EUR 2.3 million)", as MABISZ stated in a press release.

MABISZ representatives pointed out that, following the 28-29 December earthquakes in Croatia, at the beginning of January there were reported about 3,000 insured events. "The final statistics show that the number of opened claims files exceeds 8,700".

MABISZ mentioned citing CIB (Croatian Insurance Bureau) statistics that Croatian insurers paid out - following the same event - about EUR 33 million as a result of 7,430 opened claim files.

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