Climate and cyber: two Cs with catastrophic potential and the insurance business - under debate in Vienna, on April 9

21 March 2019 — Daniela GHETU
10 years after its inception, the Romanian mandatory dwelling insurance system has progressed and PAID, the pool underwriting and managing the mandatory policies is a strong and financially sound institution. "We are currently managing a reinsurance program worth EUR 920 million, with a pool of excellent reinsurers, more than half of them rated AA+, while the company's solvency rate is of 220%," recently stated Nicoleta RADU, CEO, PAID.

She has also emphasized that "the pool is able at any time to fulfill its obligations, its resources being dimensioned to successfully face the losses produced to the insured homes by an earthquake with a 250 years period of return."

Nicoleta RADU will explain, at the 2019 edition of IIFF - PROPERTY INSURANCE - the 2 CAT Cs: climate and cyber, the progress made by PAID also in improving its claims management process, data quality collection, as well as in expanding its cooperation with the local authorities to promote the insurance obligation of the homeowners.

Together with Nicoleta RADU, internationally well-known insurance professionals will share their views on the climate change impact on the insurance business, the Nat Cat insurance protection for homeowners, as well as about the rising cyber risks exposure:

  • Luke WATTS, Enterprise Risk Manager, RSA, UK
  • Laurent MARESCOT, Senior Director, RMS, Switzerland
  • Michael THELMEIER, International Insurance Consultant
  • Alejandro Izuzquiza Ibanez de Aldecoa, Operations Director, Consorcio de Compensacion de Seguros, Spain
  • Mathieu HALM, Head of Retrocession & Strategy, CCR Re, France
  • David FLANDRO, Global Head of Analytics, JLT Reinsurance Brokers Ltd, UK
  • Danielle SMITH, Cyber expert, RMS, Swizerland
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