Coping with the NEW NORMAL in property insurance; the industry's response analyzed in Munich

11 June 2015 — Daniela GHETU
"Records show that disasters have been increasing both in terms of frequency and severity. The impact of disasters does not depend only on the force with which it strikes, but the way it is received and felt is equally important", says a Report released by OSCE in September 2014.

In fact, a recent report of the World Bank findings show, with global warming of close to 1.5 C above pre-industrial times already locked in, and a 40 percent chance to exceed 4 C before 2100 if no further action is taken, weather extremes considered as occurring every 100 years at most may soon become the "NEW NORMAL".

What is the European response to this future developments? Natural risks are too varied, too complex and regionally too diverse to be encompassed by a single Europe-wide one fits all solution. Thus, while it is true that prevention is the best protection manner, insurance remains the most appropriate and, at the same time, affordable tool for preserving people's and businesses' financial capacity of coping with the material consequences of a natural disaster.

IIF 2015 - Property Insurance in a Stormy Era will analyze available solutions, as well as the main barriers hindering the extensive development of the property insurance lines, will offer fresh information about the most performant modelling tools, will put under debate the hot issues of the agricultural insurance business.

IIF 2015 - Property Insurance in a Stormy Era will also host the official launch of the latest issue of XPRIMM Property Insurance Report - CEE, SEE & CIS, containing statistical data for the full year 2014, regional analysis and interviews with relevant market professionals.

The event is organized by Media XPRIMM and NTT DATA and will take place in Munich, on June 22-23. Attending IIF 2015 - Property Insurance in a Stormy Era is free of charge subject to availability. The conference will have a limited number of participants to guarantee an active exchange of opinions and animated discussions. Attendance will be accepted on "first come, first served" basis.

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