Croatian insurers' business on other EU markets went up 3.5 times y-o-y in 2018

5 September 2019 — Daniela GHETU
The total gross premiums written abroad by the Croatian insurers amounted to HRK 235.6 million (EUR 31.76 million), three and a half times more y-o-y. Out of the total premium production, GWP on foreign markets accounted for 2.39% (in 2017, 0.73%).

The share of non-life insurance was HRK 234.8 million (99.6%) and life insurance was 0.8 (0.4%). The total GWP figure corresponds to a number of insurance contracts of 105,066. Almost 78% of the total crossborder business was written for the mandatory MTPL class (HRK 129.9 million) and the Motor Hull line (HRK 53.07 million). The average premiums in both risks are significantly higher than in the Republic of Croatia, emphasized the report published by HUO - the Croatian insurers' association. Compulsory MTPL insurance has an average premium in the Austrian market of HRK 2,951 and in the Italian market of HRK 2,288. This is significantly higher than the HRK 891 average domestic premium. In the same way, the motor premiums in Austria (HRK 5,001) and Slovenia (HRK 3,226) are higher than the domestic HRK 2,623 for Motor Hull insurance.

Paid claims for the "foreign" contracts amounted to HRK 54.36 million (EUR 7.3 million), increasing about ten times as compared with 2017. The total number of claims paid was of 6,294, relatively small, as a consequence of the early stage of business development of insurance companies in the markets of other EU countries.

Among the EU markets were the Croatian insurers were active, the largest amounts of GWP belong to: Austria (HRK 186.4 million), Slovenia (HRK 33.8 million) and Italy (HRK 9.9 million), which represents a total share of 97.7%.

EUROHERC Osiguranje was the absolute champion in GWP terms among the companies that have operated on the EU markets. Its foreign business was entirely directed to the Austrian market, the company wrote premiums worth HRK 185.8 million, out of the total HRK 186.36 million premiums written by the Croatian insurers in this market. In the total crossborders GWP volume, EUROHERC's business holds an almost 79% share (up by ~ 20 percentage points y-o-y).

ALLIANZ Zagreb holds the second place, but with a much lower share in the foreign business portfolio, of only 8.75%, entirely achieved on the Slovenian market.

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