Czech Rep.: Three quarters of insurers' employees work from home

28 April 2021 — Andrei Victor
According to a regular report conducted by CAP (the Czech Insurance Association) on COVID-19 impact on member insurance companies, about three quarters of employees in insurance companies work remotely.

Thus, according to the CAP weekly report, "for the 15th week of 2021 (April 10 to April 16), for 75% of the employees in the market from whom we have information, (...) 74% of employees of insurance companies are working from home".

CAP mentioned, for the remaining employees who are going physically to the office, following COVID tests, there were 6 positive cases out of 2,048.

Headquartering in Prague, the mission of the Czech Insurance Association is to represent, protect, and to assert common interests of member insurance companies and their clients in relation to the state administrative authorities, legislative authorities and other entities. Share of Czech Insurance Association members in total premium written in the Czech Republic is 98%.

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