Dan GUMPRIGHT appointed as FRISS Global VP of Products

6 December 2019 — press.release
At the beginning of December 2019, FRISS appointed Dan GUMPRIGHT as the Global VP of Products.

GUMPRIGHT will drive the company's development teams to further strengthen the solutions that deliver a unique combination of out-of-the-box risk and fraud indicators and powerful AI techniques such as predictive models, network analysis, and text mining, as they rise to meet the evolving needs of carriers in today's digital age.

GUMPRIGHT spent nearly a decade at BAE Systems where he held the position of Head of Global Insurance Product Management for several years. He later helped the team at Truepic develop their Insurance Technology Division.

Jeroen MORRENHOF, CEO and Co-founder of FRISS, said:

"Dan brings a vast, global knowledge of insurance fraud and innovative ways to combat it. (...) I know he will challenge our teams to ensure FRISS keeps delivering value to our growing customer community and will constantly seek new opportunities on our journey to become the global standard for fraud detection."

GUMPRIGHT will work with the product teams worldwide, ensuring FRISS Solutions are optimized to meet the ever-evolving needs of insurers in all regions.

Dan GUMPRIGHT commented on his appointment:

"I couldn't be more excited to join the FRISS team. (...) As insurance carriers continue to move towards low-touch, touchless and straight-through processes, the FRISS Score is going to be a key addition to their workflows. With this, FRISS helps tackle the USD 80 billion problem that insurance fraud is in the US alone, with untold waste across the globe. (...) It's my mission on this team to help carriers break this cycle, and I'm looking forward to having a lot of fun while I'm at it."

Source: friss.com

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