"De-Mystifying InsurTech: a Legal and Regulatory View", the main theme of the 7th AIDA Europe Conference

2 April 2018 — Adina TUDOR
Over 200 leading insurance and legal professionals, academics and regulators from over 30 countries will gather in Warsaw, between 12 April and 13 April 2018, to participate at the 7th AIDA Europe Conference.

The Conference seeks to assess the current and expected legal impact arising from technology on the legal landscape and the future insurance market place. How do new technological developments and operating concepts in the insurance world translate into traditional insurance and legal concepts or to what extent does the new world require new legal and insurance solutions?

The Conference should allow a thorough debate on InsurTech related developments and their impact on the current legal and regulatory landscape. We also hope that the Conference will offer critical views and provide possible solutions to areas where the new technology and market driven developments are exhausting traditional legal principles", stated Christian FELDERER, AIDA Europe's Chair.

Arranged in conjunction with Kozminski University and AIDA Poland and supported by XPRIMM Publications as one of two media partners, the event has already attracted a very high level of interest. AIDA Europe, through its Scientific Committee, has also combined the Conference with a Call for Papers for legal research on the subject of InsurTech. Late last year a record number of 35 abstracts were received of papers, addressing different aspects of InsurTech related issues and developments.

The best contributions will also be published in a post-Conference publication in AIDA Europe's Research Series on Insurance Law and Regulation, as a testimony to AIDA Europe's strong commitment to academic research.

Opening the Conference plenary session are Keynote Speakers, Stephen T O'HEARN, Leader of PwC's Global Insurance Practice and Lennart WULFF, MD of SituatiVe, a pioneering German InsurTech company. The morning will then feature a plenary session on how new technologies and insurance business models will reshape the insurance field. In a further session the evaluation and discussion of the findings of the prize-winning papers will take place.

Parallel Breakout Sessions in the afternoon will concentrate upon critical issues of how InsurTech and insurance businesses will co-operate through the development and application of blockchain technology, data analytics and semantic intelligence or consider the nature of new liabilities which will arise and how they are to be managed and accommodated. One Breakout Session will further turn to the regulatory approach to be adopted to govern the new landscape, with a parallel session looking more specifically at the value of the soft law tool of the Principles of Reinsurance Contract Law (PRICL) project, aimed at rendering transnational reinsurance contract law standards eventually suited to apply to blockchain applications.

The second day of the Conference will review conclusions to be drawn from the Breakout Sessions, consider the impact of technology and related developments on the Insurance Lawyers' Professional Lives, before considering current Hot Topics and Key Developments in areas as diverse as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD), the impact of Brexit and other recent key judgments and cases of note.

The event will conclude with five AIDA Working Party Sessions concerned with how reinsurance may assist with the management of potentially increasing future catastrophe losses exacerbated by Climate Change, by challenges and changes impacting the distribution of insurance products in the wake of new technologically-influenced channels and a range of issues of concern in the worlds of liability and dispute resolution particularly arising from motor vehicle use and manufacturer liability in various countries in the wake of the "Dieselgate" scandal. One session will be moderated by members of the AIDA Europe In-House Counsel Committee, addressing the impact of digitalisation on the procurement and customer orientation practices for the future delivery of legal services to the insurance sector.

Held in the heart of Warsaw at the Sofitel Warsaw Victoria Hotel and with a Thursday evening reception held elsewhere in the city, the Conference is set again to attract a capacity audience of senior members from across the range of insurance and legal sectors and to help set the agenda for many tackling major current challenges to their practice areas. To avoid disappointment, any late registrations should be made without delay. Full details about the programme and booking are to be found on the AIDA website. Any hotel bookings need also to be made directly.

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