Despite M&As, we will not see the world ending up with five big insurers and two big brokers

24 September 2015 —
eric_andersen80Eric ANDERSEN, CEO, Aon Benfield

"Insurers and reinsurers have more capital than they've ever had," recently said Eric ANDERSEN, CEO, Aon Benfield in an interview to Global Reinsurance, stressing out that all players in the feld are practically "pressed to find opportunities to put that capital to use" and to find new growth sources. "We've got all this capital, how do we actually use it to grow the business?" is in ANDERSEN's opinion the "big question" of the day.

The strong wave of M&A operations is seen lately also, in ANDERSEN's view, as the result of the search for ways to use the capital. However, even it seems that such an ebullience of the M&A's could lead to a visible consolidation of the industry, AON's leader believes that "there is always a place in the market for people that are able to bring innovative creative solutions," so that "in an era where capital is plentiful", new specialty insurers will continue to form. "We're not that worried that the world ends up with five big insurers and two big brokers," said ANDERSEN.

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