Distinguish Panel of Speakers for IIF 2017 - Insurance in a Digital World

19 October 2017 — Mihaela CIRCU
IIF 2017 - "Insurance in a Digital World", taking place in Vienna, on 14 November an exquisite panel of speakers, that will present, among others, upon digitalization and its impact on sales, underwriting, and claims management.

The distinguish speakers that will share their expertise are: Thomas SCHOLLKOPF, Member of the Board of Management, ERGO International AG, Ge, Kiril BOSHOV, Chairman of the Management Board Euroins, Alessandra CHIUDERI, Head of the Analytics Solutions Centre, Assicurazioni GENERALI, Dieter PSCHEIDL, Head of European Affairs, VIG, William VIDONJA, Head of Conduct of Business, Insurance Europe, Paul CARTY, Chairman EU Standing, Committee of BIPAR, Michael THEILMEIER, Senior Vicepresident, Gen Re, Calin RANGU, Director, ASF - Financial Supervisory Authority, Cees WERFF, President and CEO, CCN, Joe LOUWAGIE, VP, Strategy and Business Development, PCS - Property Claim Services, Michael BRANDSTETTER, EU & International Affairs, VVO - Austrian Insurance Association, Matteo CARBONE, Founder and Director, Connected Insurance Observatory, Italy, Luc NOUBISSI, Chair, Financial Inclusion Working Group, IAIS & Senior Insurance Specialist, CIMA, Gabon, Bernard RETALI, President, LIMRA Europe, Middle East and Africa, Janez BENSA, CEO, PARSEK, Tudor GALOS, Senior Digital Transformation Consultant, Desislav DANOV, Head of Organization , Insuretech Sofia, Mart JESSE, CEO of LKF and EKsL.

The event will focus on four major topics:
  • Digitalization and its impact on sales, underwriting, and claims management
  • IoT - Internet of Things and UBI - Usage-Based Insurance
  • Is BigData a potential risk or an opportunity for consumers and undertakings?
  • Telematics - the way forward for motor insurance?
The fast digitalization of the financial services providers' world, in particular in the insurance field, is both creating huge opportunities and strong challenges for the industry players. Yet, no matter how important the obstacles to overcome may be, the road to the future development can't take another path than the one of the technological modernization.

All information is available on the website of event: www.internationalinsuranceforum.com.